4 Week Beginners Series taught by Susan Cuda

Please Note – This Event Has Sold Out! 

The next Beginners Series is scheduled for January 2018

Now is time, this is your year to learn YOGA!

Starting Tuesday October 3rd I will lead a 2 hour weekly journey that guides you as you discover your inner strength and flexibility. Together we will peel away the layers of old energy patterns that keep you from progressing on your life’s journey.

This class will be challenging, mentally & physically, so it is best if you have a daily physical practice of walking ,running, biking, etc.

You will learn: Pranayama:  prana ‘vital energy’ + yama ‘self-control’  3 different practice that give the body energy, vitality and create a sense of calm.

                         Asana: fundamental movements of Hatha Yoga

                         Alignment & Posture: How to stand, sit in a chair, sit on the floor in your everyday life  as well as proper alignment in each yoga posture standing or seated.

                         Impacts: How does stress effect you physically, mentally & spiritually?

                         Yoga Benefits: Learn all the benefits of a regular yoga practice and why this ages old practice will extend your life.   

The class will be working with 30 essential Yoga Poses by Judith Lasater Ph.D., P.T.       Please purchase this book prior to our first class on 10/3/17



Susan Cuda – Saratoga Springs Yoga Instructor





This event has sold out.