Active Restorative Yoga with Susan Cuda




What is active restorative yoga?  The photo on the left is one of the easiest ways to participate in the act of resting and release.  The state of active rest & release is one way of dealing with the pain that our brain produces.  Yes, our brains are largely the source of pain as a protective mechanism.  But the brain can stop us from moving forward with constant reminders that keep us in fear mode even though the body has long since healed the affected area. 

Learn about the magic of an Active Restorative Yoga practice beginning Tuesday January 23rd.  We will spend 4 weeks together learning poses that employ ordinary yoga props to assist with neck, shoulder, hip and knee discomfort. Even if you’ve experienced this same discomfort for decades.

Each week I will sequence a series of positions that target a different area of the human body. 


Stress relief quickly with minimal props

Calm & quiet your mind

Enhance flexibility

Deal with and heal emotional pain

Deal with and heal physical pain

Balance Your nervous system

Prepare for meditation.

Please wear comfortable clothing and dress in layers.  Eat a lite meal before you arrive. 

All supplies and props are supplied

The class is limited to 8. No walk-ins please.