Finding Your Inner Shaman

The Way to Awaken Your Power with Katrina Clay.

Are you ready to find your own spiritual practice rather than following a prescription someone else came up with? In the modern world we have mass amounts of information at our fingertips, yet have forgotten how to access our personal wisdom. In this workshop we will explore our inner understanding through modern shamanic journeying, free writing, and soulful connections. We are being called to take responsibility for our life back into our own hands. What does that calling feel like? A sense of discouragement in the way things are “out there.” Come join Katrina to experience your inner shaman and access depths of knowledge waiting for you.

BIO: Katrina Clay founded Upstate New York’s wellness publication “The Healing Springs Journal” in 2002 and is still publisher of the local resource. She is also a public speaker, writer, Shamanic Reiki Master, Soul Realignment Practitioner, Shapeshifter Practitioner and workshop facilitator. Assimilating the wisdom of animals, the power of music and the intelligence of nature, Katrina guides people to their innate wholeness by reclaiming their ancient soul and integrating it with the modern world.

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