Gentle Ayurveda/Yin Yoga Walk-In Class

90 minute Gentle Yoga class weaves principles of Ayurveda /Yin Yoga Practice that invites long pose holds, to break up the density (fascia) in the body and allow the Prana to move and activate the subtle energy system called Nadi. Long pose holds allow the muscles to begin to truly relax. If the posture is held for 2 minutes or more, the belly of the muscle, ( where all the blood-and with it the potential elasticity are found ) will begin to release and lengthen.  Lengthening the belly of the muscle is like putting elastic links in a chain, the result is more permanent elasticity and flexibility.

The muscles have to relax first and then the fascia starts to stretch and release. And that can facilitate the kind of re-patterning that leads to lasting release of chronic holdings and, in many cases, a profound change of mind and body. Tom Meyers

With Greater muscle flexibility and elasticity, the Prana can begin to move and help break up the subtle mental, emotional and energetic blocks in the body. Once the Prana begins to move, it activates a subtle energy carrier system called the Nadi system.

The class begins with 3 minutes of Pranayama (Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana, or vital life force ) 5 minutes of a grounding & centering meditation. I sequence the class to have a physical focus, such as neck & shoulders, spine, hips, legs and feet. The body is gently warmed with a series of simple movements including back bends which allows you to hold seated and standing poses for up to 2 minutes. The class ends with pranayama & restorative savasana (dead mans pose or rest period). 

Experience Level

  • This class is suitable for ALL Levels


  • Wednesday 9:30 – 11 am

Teachers: Susan Cuda

How To Book

There are 3 easy ways to book your walk-in classes:

Walk In
If you prefer to pay in person, stop by our Yoga Studio in Saratoga Springs, NY when we offer our walk-in classes. Be sure to check our Class Cancellations before stopping by.

Class Cards
Are you a Namaste Yoga regular? Our class cards are the best deal. Valid for all our walk-in classes, you can buy our class cards online or at our studio.

Do you prefer to pay online for a single class? You can visit our sliding scale page to book your class, with flexible payment options.

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