Joint Freeing Yoga Therapeutics with Martina Zobel


The human body is designed to move, but the way we live often interferes with the natural process.

*Does your day involve lots of sitting, computer work, reading?

*Do you find yourself stiff in the morning?

*Are you sore when you get up from sitting?

*Do your knees ache?

*Do your hips have a little less swing?

*Does turning your head or lifting your arms take a little more effort than in the past?

Come and enjoy a sweet class designed to lubricate your joints, bring a smile to your lips and more ease to your every day activities.

Martina is and Advanced Teacher of Yoga Therapeutics. Trained in Functional Yoga Therapy with several decades of experience. Martina gives each student individual attention and support.

COST: $15 per class  or 4 class card for $50. The 4 class card is available for purchase through March 7th at 9:00 am and expires on March 28th  at 11 am   


I for one can say Martina is a true blessing.   I moved to Northern NY 12 years ago.  While living here I have been through so much and searching for the right venue to heal.  I had been taking yoga classes on Long Island prior to moving to this area and missed it so.  But, lots has happened in between, ageing, trauma in many forms, and many blessings.
 This is my tribute to you Martina, thank you so much for your yoga and your exceptional ability to read and help every single person who enters your class. Claudia Wheeler May 2017