Relationships Are Messy….Queen UP!


  • Are you frustrated by a spouse, friend, colleague or family member?
  • Wondering why s/he just won’t listen?
  • As an empath, are you exhausted by relationships?
  • Do you find yourself asking “Why is everyone so (stupid, crazy, negative)?
  • Do you wish other people would be more considerate?
  • Do you love attending yoga classes and enlightening workshops, but find your serenity buzz is killed within minutes of interacting with others when the class is over?
  • Cost: $35


Angela is an Intuitive Relationship & Empowerment Coach specializing in helping women improve their relationships with themselves, others and Spirit. In addition to being a Clinical Social Worker, she is also an Intuitive Consultant and Psychic Medium, author and creator of the Discover Your Inner Queen Mystical Path to Empowerment program. Angela is a firm believer in the ability of every person to awaken to their spiritual paths and access gifts of intuition through all of the senses. For more information visit

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