Spirit connection Lab


If you have ever felt that you might be “psychic”
Or wondered if you were…
If you are looking for a safe space and community to expand your
intuition and connect with the Spirit world….
Spirit Connection Lab is for you!


This event fosters development of our intuitive gifts and connection
to Spirit. With minimal initial instruction, we will dive right in to
the experience of Spirit connection.

This circle will also help adjust your energies to a higher vibration
allowing easier connection and communion with those in Spirit. You may
receive a message, give a message or simply enjoy the experience of
healing, relaxation and awakening.

Angela is an Intuitive Relationship & Empowerment Coach specializing in helping women improve their relationships with themselves, others and Spirit. In addition to being a Clinical Social Worker, she is also an Intuitive Consultant and Psychic Medium, author and creator of the Discover Your Inner Queen Mystical Path to Empowerment program. Angela is a firm believer in the ability of every person to awaken to their spiritual paths and access gifts of intuition through all of the senses. For more information visit http://intuitiveangela.com


Testimonial: Spirit Connection Lab is a great opportunity to work on enhancing your
own connection to your inner guidance, while being fully supported and
guided by an incredibly talented and knowledgeable intuitive, ANGELA.
You will also receive direct guidance from your own guides,
experiencing that you are not alone in this world and that you have
the support and guidance from a huge spiritual support system.
I highly recommend that you experience Spirit Connection Lab yourself
and awaken to the greatness that exists beyond ourselves.
KR October 2016