Stability Yoga Class!

What is Stability Yoga?

Your abdominals support your spine when you sit, sit up, stand, twist, bend over and sing and maintains posture and provides core support. Our bodies rely on the abdominals for essential support that includes coughing, sneezing, urinating and defecating. They hold your internal organs in place and protect them (including your stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver and gallbladder).  They help increase the intra-abdominal pressure facilitating child birth.

This is our “stability”! We focus on a movement practice that illuminates our long held habits and allows us to experience our movement restrictions. With that awareness we can begin again by moving to correct the habits that no longer serve us. Just noticing what doesn’t work is half the issue. Working with our abdominal muscles we create core strength from the feet up to the head. We get comfortable sitting on blocks and that places less stress on our sacrum while we practice diaphragmatic breathing. We move to standing postures to challenge our balance and strength. And we finish the class with a restorative pose.

9:00 – 10:15 every Saturday at Ageless Healing Arts 426 Maple Ave Saratoga Springs, NY

Sign up and pay at the link above for Ageless Healing Arts.    Bring your yoga mat and an open mind;-))