How Your Stars Align with Sarah Hopkins


Sarah will conduct a workshop Tuesday January 16th that will be tailored to the individual participants. There will be discussion of trends and issues within your own personal chart. In this workshop you will learn hands on how to map trends for upcoming events and life experiences. Each person will learn how Astrology can assist in right timing and prepare you for windows of opportunity to move you in the direction of happiness, personal fulfillment and growth. As Shakespeare said, the fault lies not in our stars but in ourselves. It will be up to rule your stars rather than allow them to rule you!
Please provide your birth date, place and time of birth.
Sarah can be reached at 518-588-1733

Workshop cost of $35 includes a copy of your chart

Sarah Hopkins is a lifelong Capital district native. She is presently a practicing Astrological Consultant in Saratoga Springs. Sarah has practiced Astrology since the early 80’s. She studied Astrology at the intermediate and advanced level through the Institute of Astrology and Metaphysics. She had the privilege of studying under Ivy M. Goldstein -Jacobson
receiving a Certificate of Merit in 1985. Sarah is a consulting Astrologer working with individuals, families and businesses. She has experience as a paraconsultant investigating murder and missing person cases in the 90’s. Sarah shares her years of insightful, informative and entertaining astrological knowledge with her clients. She is available for private consultations, parties and corporate events.