Tao Calligraphy for Reiki Healers

Program Descriptions

Tao Calligraphy for Reiki Healers (Everyone Welcome!)

Presented by Master Maria Sunukjian

Saturday July 15, 2017 from 1-4PM

In this introductory workshop healers and others will learn how to access the highest Source Field Light to heal oneself and others. Tao Calligraphies are treasures, like Reiki symbols, for healing and transforming the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Participants will experience the healing Light and learn the significance of each of the Tao Calligraphies, their unique application and the spiritual meaning of their appearance on Mother Earth at this special time in history.

Maria Sunukjian

Maria Sunukjian, Master Teacher, Divine Channel, World Wide representative and Disciple of Master Zhi gang Sha, is a spiritual teacher, psychotherapist and a healer. Maria has been offering classes in spiritual development since 2005. She has been in the social work field since 1973 and became licensed as a clinical social worker after she received her Master’s degree (MSW) in 1981. Maria’s career has been wide in scope and depth: she started a residential treatment program for drug addicted adolescents, started the first outpatient chemical dependency service at the Albany Veterans Medical Center in 1990, modernized a homeless program for addicted veterans in 1995 and regulated a social service non-profit in starting in 1998, an organization she served through for 13 years. As a social work direct practitioner she has served populations including the homeless, addicted, abused and neglected children and the mentally ill.

Currently Maria offers a variety of classes, teachings and programs in spiritual development based on Taoist and Buddhist philosophy and practice. She sponsors a weekly soul mind body wellness group that meets Wednesday evenings in Albany, NY. She is a practicing psychotherapist and provides counseling to adolescents, adults, couples and families. Her practice is located in Albany, New York.