Transcend & Resolve Stress 2 part Workshop




Mid-life? Stressed? Health Issues?

Want more Fulfillment and Purpose?

Your guidance, answers, solutions ARE within you.

Join Kelly Myszkowski, Transformational Life Coach & Craniosacral Therapist, to learn to connect with your innate Inner Wisdom to:

  • Resolve and Transcend Health Issues and Stress
  • Reconnect with Your Life’s Meaning, Fulfillment, Purpose


2-Part Workshop, 90-min each:


  1. Intro to Synch with Your Soul – insight, awareness, understanding, experience of tuning in to your Soul’s Inner Wisdom, guiding you to use your mind/body relationship to transcend resolve health issues and stress.   


  1. Synch with Your Soul – deeper experience, implementation of innate Inner Wisdom to co-create health, and well-being through discovering, transcending, and resolving your limiting, stress and health-compromising ways.


Saturday Sept. 16, and Sunday Sept. 17, 2017  2:00-3:30 pm  $40 Registration Deadline: 09/13/17

Location/Host: Namaste Yoga, 2 Franklin Square, Saratoga Springs                     Presented by: Kelly Myszkowski

What you need to bring: – pillow/blanket for comfort if they will lay on floor (yoga mat if not provided), journaling supplies, water, comfy clothes. We will sit and or lay down as we find what is comfortable, as well as stand and walk around during the 90 minute session.