Transcend & Resolve Stress 2 part Workshop




Mid-life? Stressed? Health Issues?

Want more Fulfillment and Purpose?

Your guidance, answers, solutions ARE within you.


Join Kelly Myszkowski, Transformational Life Coach & Craniosacral Therapist, to learn to connect with your innate Inner Wisdom to:


  • Resolve and Transcend Health Issues and Stress
  • Reconnect with Your Life’s Meaning, Fulfillment, Purpose


2-Part Workshop, 90-min each:


  1. Intro to Synch with Your Soul – insight, awareness, understanding, experience of tuning in to your Soul’s Inner Wisdom, guiding you to use your mind/body relationship to transcend resolve health issues and stress.   


  1. Synch with Your Soul – deeper experience, implementation of innate Inner Wisdom to co-create health, and well-being through discovering, transcending, and resolving your limiting, stress and health-compromising ways.


Saturday Sept. 16, and Sunday Sept. 17, 2017  2:00-3:30 pm  $40 Registration Deadline: 09/13/17

Location/Host: Namaste Yoga, 2 Franklin Square, Saratoga Springs                     Presented by: Kelly Myszkowski