Does What We Wear Really Matter?


Do you feel challenged sometimes to find clothing that you truly like?

Are you feeling at a loss how to dress your changing body?

Do you have a packed closet and yet wear very little?

We as women go through many transitions in our lives and therefore our needs and taste can often change when it comes to clothing. For most women, we were not taught how to dress for our shape and can often get overwhelmed, discouraged and in a rut with our apparel.

On Sunday January 21st we will come together to welcome our guest Brandon Dewyea, Apparel Stylist and owner of Moxie. During this workshop, you will learn tangible tips you can apply immediately to enable you to look and feel your best – regardless of your age and size. This warm and relaxing event will have you looking at your clothing and mind set in a whole new way!


Take advantage of an amazing tool that will lower your shopping stress and save you tons! As all of our bodies vary, clothing on one person can look far different on another. This can quickly have us looking heavier and older. The Personalized Fit Service is a simple session consisting of non-invasive measurements over clothes which will produce your specific results. This easy guide takes the guesswork out when it comes to buying items, gives you clarity how to wear items for your personal body and enables you to even re purpose clothing you already own! This one-time needed service enables you to learn how to appear leaner and younger just by making slight changes to you clothing. Concerned about age or weight changes? As long as you are within 50 lbs. of your desired weight, the tool remains accurate within ⅛ of an inch. And, as it’s based on your bone structure, a change in age does not affect the results as well.

As you can see in the three images provided, very small changes have been applied to the clothing. Yet these settle changes enable the ladies to look leaner and younger.











Enjoy the special reduced rate of $180 until 1/30/18. Take advantage of having your appointment right after the workshop (appointment space for day of event is limited)
To purchase The Personal Fit Service for the Sunday 1/21 workshop scroll to the bottom of the page.

What 2 steps can I take to look instantly leaner? Have a listen! "Clothes are a tool. They can work for or against you."

Posted by Moxie on Sunday, September 17, 2017



Brandon works with men, women and teens to help them find their own unique, individual style through their apparel for their personal and professional life. Learning how to dress your own body AND feel comfortable and confident is so important. Having been someone who has experienced the challenges personally with confidence in her youth, she understands full well how much this can take a toll. She is a huge advocate of exploring your own Moxie and feels every wardrobe piece should be kept only if it makes you feel magnificent. Brandon encourages clients to dress for the bodies they have currently and delivers personable and heartfelt skills to enable individuals to experience how they can dress daily without the stress. Brandon has a wide variety of services from Closet Edits, Shopping Sessions, to Apparel Workshops and everything in­ between. It brings her great joy to assist an individual discovering their own personal unique style and flair!

Brandon has been featured in The Gazette, Saratoga Today, Several PodCasts and The Saratoga Mama Magazine


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