What Is Color Therapy?


“Raising our vibration”, “higher frequency”, “Resonance”.  Buzz terms for the new  levels we are experiencing.
How does this work?
What is the meaning in our  lives?
How does it affect us?
How can we use it?
Sound and light are both wave form and pulse. Both are the same thing but on different levels. In this Playshop we will share our experience with light and color. Like sound and music the light in color has its “notes” its “cords” its “chorus and choir”.
Each chakra has sound and radiates color. Those tones change and are affected by the color that surrounds and impacts them. We can easily use these natural tools to adjust, change and enhance our daily routines.  
Wearing Red in the right places can fill us with energy. Blue when worn exposed can enhance communication with others. A yellow room calms a baby or anxious person.  Pink, nurturing and caring is a combination of the energy of red and the spirituality of white. You may be familiar with a known restaurant chain that decorates with orange. Why? It increases appetite.
So we will be exploring the colors in light, helping to explain it with sound (light is 47 octaves above sound in fact a “harmonic” of sound. In total dark chanters produce light!
There are light and color machines used as color therapy. Different color glasses can improve medical conditions and enhance health. Color is used for creativity, self-confidence, nurturing, knowledge (3rd eye!!) energy and balance.
Light and color mix so well with all other modes of enhancement like essential oils, chanting and affirmations, food and romance!
Color toys too!
All we are is water, sound and light. Waters holds all, sound forms all, light is the communication. Do come play! 
Aime Trent Millet

Saratoga Mineral Water Tours
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