Heidi d’Esposito – Saratoga Springs Yoga Instructor



Heidi d’Esposito


Heidi found yoga almost 20 years ago, albeit reluctantly, when she appeased her best friend by accompanying her to a vinyasa class while visiting Montreal.  After that first class, it was safe to say she wasn’t “hooked” and it took her nearly 8 years of taking the occasional yoga class at her local gym before she would eventually fall in love with the practice.  

While working as a nurse in NYC, the fast-paced life of the city that never sleeps left her craving the quiet moments on her mat in order to ground and center. Without realizing it, she had slowly morphed into a yogi.

Looking to deepen her practice and share yoga with others, she received her RYT-200 certification from Sonic Yoga in NYC.  

In addition to working as an RN at Glens Falls Hospital, Heidi now shares her passion for yoga internationally, dividing her time between Saratoga Springs, NY and Southern Italy where she owns and operates Amalfi Yoga and Amalfi Coast Yoga Retreats.

She believes that yoga is for everybody and enjoys teaching well-rounded vinyasa flow classes that are suitable for all levels with a focus on proper alignment. Her sequences feature flows that slowly build in intensity to create a purifying heat in the body and end in a gentle dissolve of relaxation allowing students to leave her classes feeling a sense of balance that they can take off of their mat and into their day.


Vinyasa every Tuesday 6:00 – 7:30  pm

End your day with this Vinyasa flow class that intelligently connects each movement with the breath. Opening with an intention and breath work and easing into a thoughtfully planned sequence of postures, this class is a multi-level experience that offers something for every yogi.

The 90 minute class ends with a gentle and sweet dissolve into savasana, allowing you to fully absorb the mind and body benefits of the practice.  Expect to cultivate a purifying heat in the body that will burn Ama (toxins) allowing you to step off your mat and into your day invigorated with a renewed sense of balance.



Doing yoga with Heidi has been a magnificent decision.  She accommodates me, and the range of levels of the other class participants during every lesson, so we all are able to make the most of the experience. I leave every week with a peaceful and relaxed mind and body…and it doesn’t get much better than that!

Mary Emily Hammeren