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I began my yoga journey in 2005 and have the privilege of leading a class at Namaste Yoga from the day it opened in 2013.

In the beginning I wandered through yoga venues.  My journey led me to several special teachers that transformed my so called yoga into a genuine practice. The desire to deepen my practice led me to a teacher training program with Mark Kinder.  It was during this training with Mark that I was given a glimpse into the deeper meaning of yoga. My journey for knowledge continues. 

I have shared time on the mat with many special people. I would like to give special thanks to the following for the teachings, knowledge and friendship they have shared. Thanks to Mark Kinder, Ricky Tran, Susan Cuda, Heather Dacus and to those that share their Monday nights at Namaste with me.

My class can be described as a classical Hatha yoga session. Asana, pranayama, mudra and dharana (sitting concentration) combine to attempt  physical and mental harmony. This is an advanced level class that is totally accessible to the “non-advanced”. 

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I would recommend Matt to anyone who would like to expand their yoga experience. I have been practicing yoga for at least 10 years and taken Matt’s class regularly for the last 3 years. Matt’s class is consistently the perfect balance of effort & release. He seems to be intuitive to what the class as a whole needs and is able to accommodate both beginners & those with more experience. Matt is capable of providing accurate adjustments if they are wanted. He is a knowledgeable instructor and is very sincere in his teaching.

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