Private Yoga Instruction


Welcome to Namaste Yoga Of  Awareness.

Sometimes you need a nudge to grease the wheels of change.  A little personal attention via private 60, 90 or 120 minute session to help you through the anxiety of beginning a practice of self-awareness.  That is where I come in:  we talk about your needs, your expectations and how I can be of service.  Call me today to discuss your unique situation.

Beginner yoga is my speciality and I offer to instruct private classes to singles or couples.  Please call me for all details and pricing.

I offer private 90 minute asana based yoga sessions for $90: Package of 3 sessions $240. 

Private 120 minute therapeutic restorative sessions for $150.00: Package of 3 sessions $400.

Private 90 minute couples restorative $300




Group classes:  60-90 minute Hatha or Vinyasa classes $80 minimum up to 8 people. $10 per person over 8.   This is perfect for friends get-together weekend or Bridal shower in Saratoga. Namaste will accommodate 15 yogis with mats and yoga props provided.  Call for details and studio availability. 




Please email me at  or call Susan Cuda  at (518) 222 7470 to discuss your next private session.

Thank You,


Susan Cuda – Saratoga Springs Yoga Instructor

Call Susan Cuda (518) 222 7470  or click on CONTACT page and send me an email for further details.


We had so much fun with you.
Such a great experience.
Thank you for being so wonderful and understanding.
We all felt so great after leaving your studio.
Take care. 5/22/17
Susan taught a private class for eight of us, as part of a bachelorette party celebration, and it could not have been a more lovely experience. As their were varying levels of yoga practice amongst us she made sure to not only explain the poses as we moved through them, but to ask before hand what type of class we were looking for. She was so attentive and had us in stitches of laughter at times- she made us all feel so comfortable and feel like this was such a special way for us to honor our friend who is getting married. The bride loved the class and even received a special savasana practice from Susan. I have taken other classes with Susan, as well as this private class, she’s a wonderful teacher and after every experience I feel like I walk away a little lighter and happier. 
J.K. 5/29/17
I recently had the good fortune of taking a private class with Susan Cuda at her beautiful studio, Namaste Yoga. Susan’s easy going manner and expertise creates an extremely comfortable atmosphere and an inviting experience. As with her group classes, Susan began my session with pranayama and centering. She then guided and assisted me through asanas and stretches, always mindful of my specific physical needs, abilities, and energy level. Including a lovely supported shavasana, Susan provided me with the perfect individualized workout for mind, body, and spirit- a fantastic yoga “tune up!” Probably the most important aspect of taking a private class with Susan, is the fact that I left with several asanas, stretches, and strengthening exercises that I can practice at home until my next yoga class!
A.T. 4/15