August 27, 2015

I stumbled on Namaste Yoga about six months after a bad injury. I had practiced yoga for many years before but hadn’t been in about a year. I have attended classes with several different instructors and they have all been fantastic, pushing you where you need it but mindful of limitations to ensure an injury free practice.

Susan, the owner and primary instructor is very focused on her students and often comes to class with specific sequences that will benefit her regulars needs. Whether there are several people in the class or just a couple I always feel like I have my own private teacher. The attention to detail and the care given to making your practice special for you is incredible. I value the one class a week that I can squeeze into my very busy schedule and I truly miss it when I can’t make class due to work. You really begin to feel more balanced and focused when practicing at Namaste Yoga, the practice is about you. It’s exercise for not just your body, but for your life. Slow your mind, de-clutter your thoughts and just learn about you and what amazing things you can do.

The cost? Perfect for someone with a busy schedule! Pay as you go, no guilt for not making enough classes to get your value from a monthly fee. Never tried yoga? You won’t feel out of place here. Simple instructions, one on one help, and a focus on balance and strengthening for the mind body and soul, not just a goal of getting into a pretzel shape to say you did it. I would strongly recommend (and I do on a daily basis to anyone who will listen) that you give it a try.