Yoga Class Descriptions – Saratoga Springs, NY

Namaste Yoga Saratoga’s new home is Yana Yoga in Malta New York. We offer one 6-7:30 pm Monday night Hatha yoga class for intermediate level practitoners taught by Matt Jasinski.

Namaste Yoga Saratoga is offering a 2nd open yoga class every Sunday from 11-noon outside at The Lincoln Baths.


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To determine which of the classes offered is suitable for you, I will explain the yoga experience as a progression of levels starting with:

Beginners: Little to no experience on a regular basis: 1) in a class environment 2) with specific movements related to a yoga practice 3) knowledge of strength training 4)  knowledge of stretching the muscles. As a beginner you may already participate in other movement oriented practices that mitigates your experience.

Level 1 students usually have had some formal training such as a beginners yoga series, and attend a regular weekly practice for a least 6 months. They are knowledgeable about basic Hatha yoga poses to increase strength and flexibility.

Level 2 students have had a regular weekly practice for at least 2 years. Who understand the basic Hatha yoga postures and have the ability to go deeper into each pose while strengthening and finding flexibility in their muscle and joints.

Level 3 students  have had a regular weekly practice for a minimum of 5 years with a deeper understanding of Hatha yoga poses with a noticeable increase in strength and flexibility.

Level 4 students have a regular daily practice for 10 years or more.  They have experienced many different styles of yoga that have challenged mind and body. Level 4 practitioners have attained a level of strength and flexibility commensurate with their experience. This experience has allowed the exploration of more difficult or challenging poses that they are able to hold for many breaths.

Class Descriptions

Hatha Flow with Matt

Matt’s Monday class is a challenging yet doable flow, taking the best of the traditional Hatha yoga poses and blending them to help you increase strength, flexibility and stamina.  He is an excellent experienced teacher who guides you to take full advantage of each pose which includes hands on adjustments. Matts class is taught at Yana Yoga in Malta NY. Reservations are appreciated:

Class fee $15                      Please call or text (518) 222-7470

Align your spine is one of  many classes offered to private students and or groups.

And beginning 11/27/22 and continuing through the winter, I will teach this class at the Spa City Farmers Market from 11:00 am-noon every Sunday at The Lincoln Baths.

Poses are instructed with particular attention to the low back (lumber and sacrum) plus the lumbar/sacrum’s relationship your hips joints.

This class is suitable for level 1-3 where basic knowledge of traditional seated & standing poses is helpful, so the pose can be refined to suit your spine.

$10 class fee


Taught by Susan Cuda