Pranayama The gift of Awareness by Susan Cuda

Pranayama is a gift of awareness joining mind to body.
I love teaching pranayama because the practice expands your lungs capacity and in turn expands your consciousness. Plus, it is easy to learn and it is free. Once learned, there is no need for special classes. It is your gateway to a healthy body and consciousness which is just what our global community needs right now. Thank you for watching the video and reading my blog.

Namaste Susan Cuda 6/5/17

Got Aches, Pains & Tension? By Kelly Myszkowski

    Got some aches, pains, tension, and stress you’d like to be free of? How would your life and health be even better without them? Many people I know would love to have more energy, flexibility, and, well… “feel like a kid again”. They’d also like to be...

Finding a Yoga Mat That Promotes Your Practice

When it comes to your yoga practice, there’s no better tool for advancement than listening to what your body is telling you. Your choice of environment, however, can also play a significant beneficial role. Choosing the right yoga mat may be vital to your continued training.

Women’s March on Washington January 21st 2017 By Martina Bantham

I attended the Women’s March on Washington D.C. on January 21st.  I’m not typically one to do such a thing.  I’m an introvert.  I don’t generally go for public displays of anything.  My idea of a good time almost never involves masses of other people.  However, I have...

Blue Star Teachings by Virginia Anderson

Ok folks, here we go…. I am stepping waaay out of my comfort zone by creating a blog, but I feel incredibly inspired and the great need to share the wisdom teachings that are coming through.  Thank you to Susan Cuda of Namaste Yoga Saratoga for catalyzing this...

Are you living in A BOX? By Susan Cuda

Perhaps you thought my blog would describe new options to enhance the interior of your home, or even your office.  Offices are often referred to as prisons, cubicles or boxes.  And you wouldn't be to far from the point ....BUT, I'd like to sharpen that point and go a...