The Yoga Instructors of Namaste Yoga – Saratoga Springs, NY

Our Yoga instructors bring together years of experience with different approaches to yoga practice.

Susan Cuda

Photo taken by Deborah Neary

My yoga journey was a path of rediscovery. From the first class I took, I knew yoga would play a large role in my life; in fact, I closed my custom window treatment business that I owned for 25 years, to become a yoga teacher. I made that decision in 2009, and began my 200 hr teacher training at Yoga Mandali with Gopi Kinnicutt as my teacher. Choosing to be a Yoga teacher was definitely the best life decision I’d made, this was to be my path of service.

Matt Jasinski

Photo taken by Greg Cuda
Matt began his yoga journey in 2005 and has been leading class at Namaste Yoga for over a year. His initial practice was an Ashtanga vinyasa style yoga that suited his life’s resume. Matt has been rock climbing for 34 years and yoga revealed itself as a complementary practice. Another major influence in his interest in yoga is his background in the martial arts. Matt has been studying and training in Martial Arts for more than 30 years.

Jennifer Gerber

Photo taken by Greg Cuda
Received certification from Frog Lotus Yoga in Massachusetts and is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, registered with the Yoga Alliance. She is an energetic, dedicated individual whose core passion is helping others achieve a balanced lifestyle centered on positive spiritual and physical wellness. Jenn has been practicing yoga for over 10 years, teaching for more than half that time. Her yoga class motivates students, challenging them to be mindful of and explore their comfort zone through a vigorous vinyasa flow. Jenn’s education (BS in Nutrition and MS in Health Education) allows her to offer further guidance and support to her students.

Martina Zobel

Martina Zobel is a dynamic and charismatic teacher. Her relationship with yoga started in her late teens. She likes to say she dated yoga, went steady for a while…then started fooling around with other things on the side. As an accomplished horse woman, swimmer, and addicted to the runner’s high, yoga became a casual relationship. In her late 30s after multiple injuries compounded by hereditary back issues…Martina turned to yoga and is now enjoying a juicy, monogamous relationship that has lasted three decades.

Erica Nirsberger

Erica is a dynamic, inspiring instructor specialized in yoga and barre. She completed her yoga certification at Kripalu in Massachusetts 2016. In addition, Erica has been a barre fitness instructor since 2014 and was certified through Estudio in Latham. She later advanced her training at Staccato Barre and Bodyworks in Saratoga. Her yoga class is a refreshing vinyasa style with flowing movement and relaxing deep breathing.