The Yoga Instructors of Namaste Yoga – Saratoga Springs, NY

Our Yoga instructors bring together years of experience with different approaches to yoga practice.

Susan Cuda

Photo taken by Deborah Neary
My yoga journey was a path of rediscovery. From the first class I took, I knew yoga would play a large role in my life; in fact, I closed my custom window treatment business that I owned for 25 years, to become a yoga teacher. I made that decision in 2009, and began my 200 hr teacher training at Yoga Mandali with Gopi Kinnicutt as my teacher. Choosing to be a Yoga teacher was definitely the best life decision I’d made, this was to be my path of service.

Matt Jasinski

Photo taken by Greg Cuda
Matt began his yoga journey in 2005 and has been leading class at Namaste Yoga for over a year. His initial practice was an Ashtanga vinyasa style yoga that suited his life’s resume. Matt has been rock climbing for 34 years and yoga revealed itself as a complementary practice. Another major influence in his interest in yoga is his background in the martial arts. Matt has been studying and training in Martial Arts for more than 30 years.

Nicole Campbell

Photo taken by Nicole Campbell
Nicole Campbell is a Certified Yoga Teacher with over 15 years of experience practicing and teaching.  She stepped into her first class at the age of 16 and immediately felt a connection to the practice.  Studying under different teachers throughout the years, she slowly began to learn and feel the benefits yoga brought to the mind and body.  In 2013 she decided to take her practice a step further and earned her certification to teach through Vibhuti School of Yoga at the Breathing Room Center in Blairstown, New Jersey.  She has taught all different levels and groups from children to chair yoga.  She enjoys teaching beginners and helping her students develop an understanding of the benefits of yoga.  

David M.Kay

David M. Kay is a certified meditation teacher. He assists beginners to find comfort as they start their meditation practice. This allows the first timers to truly understand the benefits that everyone talks about. More experienced folks will enjoy meditating with others in a safe and spiritually nourishing environment.

Bio: David is a certified meditation teacher through Ananda Sangha, the worldwide organization that brings forth the transformative teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. David is a devoted daily meditation practitioner and enjoys sharing the gift of meditation with all who desire the shift toward inner peace, calm and contentment. He is a living, breathing example that you do not need to be a monk to practice meditation – anyone can enjoy its benefits. He has a detailed but relaxed approach to teaching, and hopes to inspire and empower students to create their own personal devotion to deep, daily meditation. David is also the creator and host of the Tenderfoot Yogi weekly podcast, where he shares insights and perspectives for those curious about the path of spiritual awakening.

Carol Rose

Carol Rose is a NYS licensed Speech and Language Pathologist. She has worked in this field for over 30 years, having had the honor of teaching children from birth to high school with a variety of abilities. Her passion has always been to help each individual child find “their voice”, foster confidence, and believe in their self-worth. Each one has a unique gift to share.

She has been practicing yoga since 2006 and fell in love with what it offered.  Carol trained with Sarah Herrington of Om Schooled, is a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner having studied under Bridgette Shea, and most recently has trained under Dr. Ann Saffi-Biasetti for Restorative Yoga. She has completed Level 1 and is currently finishing her Level 2 work. Carol was also fortunate to complete an 8 week program of Mindful Self Compassion with Ann. In addition, she has taken the Mindful Educator Essentials program through Mindful Schools.

A worldwide traveler inspired by her loving and adventurous husband, mother of two beautiful grown children and now welcoming a new grandchild, Carol is hoping to share some “tools” that will nurture and foster compassion, confidence, and appreciation for oneself and others.

New Teacher

New Teacher Bio: