Healing comes from within. Each of us has a connection between our emotions and our physical being that supports or derails our health and well being. Only you are in control of yourself, no one else is. The process of healing begins though the opening your mind, body, spirit and soul. Learning and understanding how the meridians work, facilitates a deeper inner connection to our ability to heal ourselves.

What is the Meridian Connection? It is the pathway our bodies use to connect emotions to the physical being. When we consider our inner self, our emotional being. How we feel about ourselves determines our state of wellness. Look at how your body is feeling today, right now.

If you have tension in your neck and shoulders, the small intestine meridian is involved. The reasons are:

 *The small intestine, assimilates and absorbs 90% of the nutrients and minerals from the food you eat, transforming and clarifying, (separating pure from impure), keeping the body nourished.

The emotion connected to the small intestine meridian is (joy). So, suppressing negative emotions will cause blockage in this meridian, which then creates dis/ease, which can become symptomatic in your back, neck, ear and some other areas.

Some examples of what areas of the body are effected by blockages in the Small Intestine meridian:

*Shoulder pain and a stiff neck because the Small Intestine meridian zig zags across the shoulder blade.

* Deafness, tinnitus or ear infections because this meridian ends in front of the ear.

* Blockages (various types) can cause mild to severe issues in these areas as well.


The Heart meridian is also connected to the emotion

(Joy). Heart is ultimately responsible for the circulation of the blood and the condition of the blood vessels.

Yet due its task of supplying the organs with blood as well as distributing blood throughout the body, the heart and Heart meridian is effected by all our emotions.

The Heart creates our blood and provides a home for our Shen which means tranquil resting place. Any condition of the Heart involves sweating. Not overall sweating, one example: nervousness that causes sweaty hands, feet and or armpits (emotional distress). The Small Intestine meridian and Heart meridian work together not only integrating emotional and sensory input, but in making the blood.

“The Meridian Connection” is the key to life its self, to your

wellness. Thinking and being positive in your daily life is vital. Make a daily habit, of waking up every morning and cultivating a positive attitude and you will always have a positive outcome though out the day.

You are the only one that can heal yourself, and create a happy life for you.

Practitioners are the facilitators, you allow the healing from within.

Loving and accepting who you really are is a process for most of us and it is the first step. Understanding our life’s journey is a process is the second step. Continuing to acknowledge these two things throughout our lives is invaluable to your confidence and psyche

     “The Secret to Having It All Is Believing You Do”