Got some aches, pains, tension, and stress you’d like to be free of? How would your life and health be even better without them?

Many people I know would love to have more energy, flexibility, and, well… “feel like a kid again”. They’d also like to be clear about who they REALLY are, and what they REALLY want. And, have the confidence and ability to create that life, making their difference in the world, even though they may not acknowledge it freely….

And, many people dismiss, tolerate, or attempt to eliminate their problems with symptomatic treatment. They mistakenly think the lack of “symptoms” means the problem is resolved, or doesn’t exist. Not so.

I learned, as an integral part of my healing journey, that our woes are serving a purpose, guiding us. They will resolve when their purpose is served. Symptomatic treatment doesn’t honor that purpose.

What the heck do I mean?

Well, years ago, I had a great job, husband, home, family, friends, etc. I stretched myself to grow personally and professionally beyond my shortcomings, fears, and doubts that could potentially hold me back. Life was great. Or, so I thought.

I had few “complaints”. They began with an odd sensation of fullness in my index finger, and eventually my hand, after using the computer mouse a lot. I also later developed pain and tension from my neck down my back and into my hip, knee, and ankle when driving long distances.

Ironically, as an Ergonomics consultant, it was my job to address such issues by adapting the work place to the person to reduce such strain. Yet, ergonomic interventions made no difference.

Conventional treatment (physical, occupational, and limited massage therapy; chiropractic care; heat, ice, o.t.c. NSAID’s) failed to resolve my issues. Herbs, homeopathy, healthy eating and living helped me get healthier. But, my challenges remained.

I was slowly worsening in some ways, though still highly functional. I was concerned and frustrated because of my young age, no diagnosis, and no helpful intervention.

Doctors were puzzled, and offered only speculation that I must have fibromyalgia, Lupus, or “something” because no one could hurt in that many places otherwise. (Mmmm. Must be my neck, back, hip, knee, and ankle aren’t connected…..?). A voice inside me kept saying, “NO! That’s not right”.

I had no idea how important that voice was at the time. It was my saving grace, actually. Glad I listened, and persevered because my big turning point finally came. My occupational therapist told me about a treatment she’d heard of, though didn’t understand. That treatment, used by another therapist, was helping others when nothing else did.

So, of course… I had to know more. Stay tuned and I will share more about this amazing key to resolution of my woes in coming weeks, and what I mean about our woes serving a purpose and guiding us.

Why? Because this applies to everyone, not just me. And, it IS the way we are designed, natural as can be!

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Last time I promised to share with you the amazing key to resolving my physical ailments that conventional treatment didn’t help. And, it IS built into all of us. Sound good?

My occupational therapist told me of a therapy that helped when other things failed, though she didn’t know how or why it worked. It helped your body unwind and release tension, injuries, and trauma, no matter how old.

Cool! My quest to learn more took me to the greatest insights and experience of my life as I pursued this intriguing work.

To what was she referring? Well, let’s just say for now this approach is natural, and works WITH the inherent self-correcting, self-healing built within all of us. It helps your body better do what it is already trying to do: balance, heal, and function optimally to be YOU.

Think of it this way: we all started as 2 totally individual fluid cells that combined, multiplied, and reached about 100 trillion different cells before we were born. Amazing, huh? Intelligence greater than the human mind (considering we haven’t yet been able to produce one cell in a petri dish despite all modern advances….) directs the process so we become the human beings we are. That Intelligence creates 10’s of thousands of new cells everyday, in fact. Profound, huh?

Add to that biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp’s estimate that every cell in the body undergoes 100,000 chemical reactions per second. All in perfect synchronicity, coordinated by the amazing Intelligence and power within us. I’d say that gives new meaning to multi-tasking. Wouldn’t you?

In most cases, all goes well. We evolve, grow, live, and become. And, we heal when injured, hurt, sick, too. And, most of that happens without our conscious involvement. Right?

Powerful invitation: think about how much goes on within you outside of your conscious awareness and influence. How many times, for example, have you blinked your eyes, swallowed, inhaled and exhaled while reading this?

This entire “natural course of things” underlies what finally helped me turn my life and health around. And, it’s available to help you, too! Align with it intentionally, optimize it, and voilà! Magic happens.

Stay tuned for the next issue, and I’ll reveal not only how this relates not only to resolution of my challenges, but to how you, too, have more ability than you may think to align with this power within you to positively influence your health. And, your life…..

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Previously I shared some of my own healing journey to resolving my physical ailments, my frustrations and concerns when conventional treatment didn’t work, and what finally did.  My “solution” was actually something that’s innate in all of us, but yet we’re conditioned not to use it, or else forget or overlook it…. Are you neglecting it, too?

To help you appreciate the health implications of the work that finally helped me, I suggested first reflecting upon how you came, and continue, to BE. You started as 2 separate fluid cells that become one, then eventually evolved into hundreds of trillions of very different cells, designed to do different things. Many things happen automatically to keep you alive and functioning with neither your conscious awareness, nor influence.  Hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions and 10’s of thousands of new cells every day….. 

Something Greater is guiding this process.  An Intelligence, a Power, that has a Plan for you, and knows your final intended, YOU-nique design.  Right?

Your central nervous system (“CNS”= brain, spinal cord) is a key intermediary in creating “YOU”.  It’s a Project Manager of sorts. Intelligence/Power shares a plan, or blueprint for “YOU”, with your CNS.  Your CNS instructs your various systems (“specialty contractors”) to carry out that plan.  Your CNS monitors what’s happening, and sends more instructions in response. It orders corrective action when there’s trouble. In those cases, its priority is to keep you alive, regardless of your quality of life, and THE PLAN.  Otherwise, your CNS does its best to carry out THE PLAN. 

Following me so far?

Problems, and symptoms, arise when your systems are overwhelmed by an accident, illness, or are otherwise “thwarted”.   A.k.a.: STRESS, in its broadest sense.

The more stress there is, the more your CNS has to work overtime to get you back on track with “THE PLAN”.  When over-stressed, the “norm” becomes “surviving”.  The Project Manager’s focus becomes saving the project, regardless of how close the outcome is to THE PLAN.  A “something’s better than nothing” approach.  Maybe you’ll come out reasonably close to the original PLAN – YOU.  Hopefully, you at least survive.

Your CNS (the Project Manager) becomes stressed in the process, also affecting its ability and function.

What if you could assist your central nervous system, to keep it healthy, reduce its stress, and help insure its actions created an even closer outcome to THE PLAN?  I.e., minimizing those “better than nothing” situations, and having a higher quality of life, and better health.

You can, just like I did.  Optimizing the health of my CNS so that it stayed on track implementing the blueprint for “ME” is what made the difference in my health, and my life. Finally!

But, how do you do that?  Stay tuned and I’ll tell you what you need to know the use what is already within you to have the health and life you are born to live, resolving your symptoms at the root.  Naturally.

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In my last article we explored the role of your Central Nervous System (CNS) in bringing you into BEING in accordance with the blueprint, i.e., THE PLAN, for your life and health. And, I said I’ll tell you how you can optimize the health of your CNS, which is the “Project Manager” for creating “YOU”.

Stress and tension adversely affect the flow, quality, and pressure of the nourishing, protective fluid around your brain and spinal cord (your CNS).  This, in turn, adversely affects the functioning of your CNS, which can create more stress, tension, and health issues.  Thus, “symptoms” are signs something’s (stress, tension) thwarting the efforts of your Project Manager to create YOU.  

Now I’ll tell you how you can reduce the stress, pressure, and tension on your CNS, and be healthier and happier because of it.  Sound good?

Craniosacral therapy (CST) helps do just that.  Don’t let the “big word” stop you.  “Cranio” comes from cranium = “head”.  “Sacral” = sacrum, the triangular shaped spinal bone just above your tailbone.   The craniosacral system is considered to be the brain, spinal cord, cerebrospinal fluid, and the meninges – membranes containing the fluid.   The health of the brain and spinal cord are affected by the health of the cerebrospinal fluid, the quality/vitality of its rhythmic flow, and any adverse tension affecting the system which can come from anywhere within your Being.

CST works with your self-healing, self-correcting capacity to optimize the living environment for your brain and spinal cord.  It naturally releases stress and tension, improving the relationship between all tissues and structures, and improving the flow of essential, life-sustaining cerebrospinal fluid.  When your brain and spinal cord work better, all of your other systems work better.  In other words, it helps your Project Manager (CNS) get “Project You” back on track with your intended design = optimal health and wellbeing.  

My occupational therapist suggested craniosacral therapy, when nothing else worked.  It not only addressed my symptoms, but also actually resolved my issues at the root. Not only did my body feel and “be” better, but my life changed in amazing ways. Ways in which I’d never dreamed.  Or… so I thought.   

You see, I wasn’t listening to the whispers of my soul, and recognizing the dreams waiting to be brought to life.  I wasn’t acknowledging the deeper longings for more.  I learned some very valuable lessons in this process, which were crucial to achieving the long-awaited results I secretly craved.  Fulfillment.  Purpose.  Peace.

Tune in to the next issue to see how I brought my healing journey to the next level for resolution of my long-standing “mysterious” challenges, and realized unrecognized dreams coming true.  And, how to discover for yourself the answers and resolutions you crave for your life and health challenges.  Magically.  Naturally.  The Power IS within you.

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In the last issue I shared with you one part of a powerful approach that works naturally with your self-healing and self-correcting mechanisms to not only alleviate your symptoms, but to resolve your life and health challenges at the root.  That one part is craniosacral therapy.  Now, I’m going to share with you the rest of that powerful approach to naturally enjoy fulfillment, joy, wellbeing, peace, and Purpose.  Sound good?

Would it be ok to share with you the single most important concept I’ve embraced in my lifetime because, to me, it IS the foundation for health, life, and wellbeing?  (Hoping you said, “Yes!”….). There is a PLAN for ME, and when that plan is implemented with my conscious intention and participation, I experience greater health, joy, peace, fulfillment, wellbeing, and Purpose.  Everything makes sense.  I feel connected. Things happen synchronistically.  I stress less, enjoy more.

I’m a very rational, logical person eager to do what’s “right”, and raised to be responsible.  That conjures up many “should’s”, “must’s”, “have to’s”.  A lot of “head” energy.  Sound familiar?

In the meantime, my heart was left out of the picture.  I didn’t dream much.  I was told I can do/be anything I want, but wasn’t shown/raised to know what I REALLY want, who I REALLY am, nor how to achieve it….

“Purpose” was ultra special, reserved for the “chosen”.  Famous, successful idols.  Amazing people who LOVE what they do, and do well at it because they are born to do it.  We admire them, but don’t realize that could easily be us, if we paid attention to, and trusted…. our hearts. We may not become famous, but we do fill a place, a Purpose, which no one else can.  And, we are needed.

Our hearts are the transmitters, or transformers, bringing our Soul’s dreams (THE PLAN for YOU/ME) into life.  We glimpse THE PLAN in our loves, joys, passions, and dreams.  Yet, we often are conditioned that we aren’t “enough”, it isn’t practical, other things are more important than following our hearts, etc.  In the process of living all of those should’s, must’s, i.e. others’ ideas of who and what we are, our hearts take a backseat. We ignore the whispers.

We dismiss, or overlook, the idea that we ARE designed to live those dreams in our gifts, traits, talents, abilities, and values, that support following those loves.  But, that design is part of the PLAN for YOU/ME, and programmed in our central nervous system (CNS).   

Your heart says, “I’d LOVE to do/be ______”.  Your CNS makes it happen.  When your heart and CNS work together, coherently, resonating, magic happens. When your should/must head is in charge, your head and heart can be incoherent, dissonant, and stress can happen.  Remember what I said in previous issues?  Symptoms of stress result when you are out of alignment with your Design, and your CNS goes into overdrive to bring you back.

So, how do you clarify what your heart wants, and align with it so your head and heart work together?  So you have less stress, better health, wellbeing, joy, fulfillment, peace, and Purpose…  How do you listen to the whispers of your Soul, and align with your Design?  

Tune in to the next issue, and I’ll show you.  Sound good?

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Last time, I shared two parts of an approach (the same that helped me) that works naturally with your innate self-healing, self-correcting mechanisms to heal your challenges, and improve your well-being. Craniosacral therapy, and aligning with your You-nique Design, your Purpose. This fosters coherence between your heart and CNS, reducing your stress, improving your health, and living the life your heart knows you were born to live. (NOTE: This is NOT a substitute for necessary medical or mental health care. You and your health professional should determine what is best, and necessary, for you. At the very least, this approach will naturally complement such care, and reduce your overall stress level, as well as involve you proactively in your health and wellbeing. Or, it may be exactly what you need).

And, I promised to show you how to naturally align with your Design. Ready?

Your symptoms and challenges at their root are actually guides and insights to your joy, well-being, fulfillment, peace, and Purpose. When their purpose is served, they resolve naturally. You simply have to listen to your innate mind-body wisdom guiding you.

The keys to aligning with your Design for greater health and well-being include: believing that you have a You-nique Purpose, understanding that when out of alignment/coherence with that Design you become stressed, knowing that your Central Nervous System is working to bring you back into coherence, and learning to understand and follow the guidance your “symptoms” are offering by tuning into, and following your Inner Wisdom – the voice of your Soul whispering to you.

Your Inner Wisdom creates a response in your body to your thoughts, including your choices and experiences, showing you your opportunities for growth, change, healing, and wellbeing. Living out of alignment with your Design is like forcing a round peg into a square hole, impeding the flow of LOVE from Source. The result? Any stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, pain, tension, depression, anxiety, other health challenges, discontent, lack of fulfillment, or possibly feeling like your life is too difficult or simply isn’t working for you. Your Soul speaking more loudly……

Remember that 85-90% of your mind is non-conscious? Choosing NOT to “think about” something simply replaces it with another conscious thought, but doesn’t change the underlying tape playing in your non-conscious. I.e., much of which you aren’t consciously aware is still affecting your body.

Self-awareness is key. Developing the ability to become quiet, and be present with what you DO need to be aware of to resolve your issues is an important skill in this approach. Craniosacral therapy is a hands-on approach to the deep stillness in which this resolution takes place. Transformational Life Coaching is a personal development approach to intentionally tuning in to your Inner Wisdom for your Truth and guidance, and choosing your next best steps for well-being, fulfillment, peace, and Purpose.

Would you like to learn to proactively listen to your Inner Wisdom, get to the roots of your stress and pain, and resolve your issues naturally? I can’t effectively go deeper here, BUT I will guide you through an in-person practical, personal, dynamic journey through discussion, lecture, introductory guided imagery and meditation, movement, and self-discovery. Sound good? Join us to experience and begin using tools and tips right away at my upcoming 2-part workshop series at Namasté Yoga. Click here to learn more and reserve your space (limited to 12) today. Registration closes 9/13.

Your body’s talking. Are you listening?

Love and Peace,
Kelly Myszkowski
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Your Inner Wisdom Coach * Craniosacral Therapist * Workshop Facilitator * Writer * Speaker