Posted on January 6, 2017 Angela KaufmanPosted in Blog

One of the trickiest challenges people encounter when learning to trust their intuition is discernment.

How do you know if you are tuning in to your Higher Self, your Ego?
How do you tell the difference between desires, emotions, and intuition?
Some say to trust your feelings because they never lie.

Emotions may not “lie” but they also may not present an accurate barometer on reality.

I prefer to think of emotions as bright, booming neon lights…attention getting? Yes, factual? Not always.

Learning to allow feelings to deliver their own messages, and discerning the messages of your emotions, from the messages from your guides and intuition, takes time, practice and trust. Learning the difference between the voice of the Ego and the voice of your Spirit Guides also takes practice, self awareness and a safe community in which to grow and develop.

Are you ready to dig in and develop the wisdom to know the difference?

Discernment gives you the power to sift through powerful human experiences and responses and also access wisdom from the energy of the Spirit realms.

Here are some steps to begin developing discernment in cultivating your intuition:

Know yourself- keep in connection with how you are feeling and what your triggers are. This must be an honest process, including being real about your subconscious motivations.

Set your intention- ask to connect with your Guides and notice the subtle energy shifts that accompany their presence.

Keep a journal of intuitive experiences, hunches, and perceptions. Go back to your entries and note what you perceived at first and what later came to pass. Paying attention to what was “accurate” and what was not is equally important. In this process you will learn what specific signs, symbols, perceptions and cues come from your intuition, and, also important, which signals come from Ego, desires and emotional triggers.

Practice– this is so vitally important. Practicing developing your connection to your guides, trusting what you receive and increasing your vibration in connection to your guides and other people is essential. When practicing with a group, your energy enhances and is enhanced by the energy of the group. The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. This synergistic effect will bring you much farther in your development and awakening.